Walleye fishing trip at Lake Hebert :

Our walleye factory!

An exceptional body of water under exclusive Quebec fishing rights, with a tremendous walleye fishing potential! Air Tamarac Outfitter simply offers you the best walleye fishing in Quebec !

Lake Hébert is located 80 miles North of our Clova base. Our fishing resort is accessible only by floatplane. Out of Clova, Quebec, a 45-minute flight aboard our own commercial aircrafts will take you directly to your walleye fishing trip to lake Hebert, the best walleye lake ever !

A walleye fishing trip to Lake Hebert is truly a fisherman's dream! Our cabins are located on a crescent-shaped island in the middle of this 12 mile-long lake. The colour of the water, the various structures of the lake floor, its various depths, the high-oxygen water contribution, the bait fish population, the quality of the spawning areas and most of all, our conservation program, explain why Lake Hébert is such an excellent fishing spot. It truly gives you the chance to catch trophy size walleyes.
All season long, an experienced caretaker is on site to fulfil your needs and to guide you through one of our most productive fishing spots. And remember that there are practically no insects on the island!

Lake Hebert Outfitter, Quebec, Canada, is a member of the Quebec Outfitter Federation.