Fishing travel for you sportsmen, our friends ! 

Again this year, it is with great pleasure that Air Tamarac Outfitters invite all its former guests and first-time visitors to a wonderful week of fishing travel with our Gouin Reservoir Outfitters fishing adventure and Lake Hebert Outfitters fly in fishing in the heart of Quebec, Canada. Season after season, our regular customers keep coming back to their favourite walleye camp or choose to discover new spots for Northern fishing, always with renewed enthusiasm. They know that they will find what they enjoy most: excellent northern fishing conditions among friends in the immense Northern forest with its teeming walleye lakes and untamed beauty.

We sincerely thank you for your patronage in our fishing travel. Our team at Air Tamarac Outfitter joins us in wishing you the warmest of welcomes and in making sure that your walleye and pike fishing trip up here to Air Tamarac, Quebec, Canada, will be the most successful and enjoyable possible.

Best regards,
Éliane Bédard, Jean Blanchard