Dear sportsmen and friends,

Once again we find ourselves at the end of another successful year and, into the spirit of the Holiday Season, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our valued customers who, for the last 19 years, have placed in us their confidence. We thank you for your support and look forward to our 20th season with a great deal of enthusiasm.


As opposed to the year before, 2013 will be remembered for its cold spring and extremely late ice out, which dragged on until the second week in May! We owe a debt of gratitude to our team, who still prepared in time our 10 camps and got everything going for the 40 guests arriving at Gouin Reservoir for the opening on May 17th !

With too much rain, high winds and cold weather, the lakes remained cold and the water levels were on the high side, with the result of delaying the action. As a result, our regular June customers encountered tough luck while the ones fishing July and August were highly rewarded.

Despite the mood swings of Mother Nature, we realize that our fishing quality is constantly improving and several trophies were released in 2013. Enjoy the photo album in the flyer and at to revive those great moments.

It is clear that our efforts in protection, conservation and enhancement of our lakes bear fruit and it becomes more and more natural for everyone to return their trophy fish to the water. Congratulations!

In our short history, the 2013 season has been our busiest. This achievement is dependent of your fishing success and also directly related to our personalized customer service and to the constant improvements of our facilities. Thanks for being so loyal and for the attachment to your favorite sites. Through that:

“AIR TAMARAC positions itself more than ever as THE walleye and northern pike specialist for fly-in fishing trips”


We are pleased to announce the refurbishing of cabin # 15 on the island at West Saraana Bay. The final result will double the size of the cottage, adding two bedrooms and a large kitchen with living room, new windows, freezer, metal roofing and a full size porch. The hallmark of the current log cabin will be retained but its level of comfort and overall experience will be elevated to the new Air Tamarac standards.

For the same reasons, our efforts will also affect camp #46 in Mattawa Bay, which has not undergone much makeover since its construction in 1998. With a new door, caulking between the logs, a new outhouse and new cabinet joints, the work will ensure that this chalet follows the parade.

We have also renewed our agreement with Mercury and will offer again for 2014 brand new 4-stroke 15hp for Gouin and 20hp for Hébert. They will equip our Gouin PRINCECRAFT YUKON 15 boats and our LUND SSV 16 at Hébert. With newly refurbished cabins, new boats and motors, satellite phones at each location and top fishing quality, Gouin has become an unbeatable fishing destination and has the best value for money.

On a conservation note, there is no change on Gouin as walleyes less than 13 inches will have to be returned to the lake. And, in order to preserve and improve the fisheries for the future, the walleyes over 18,5 inches should also be released on a voluntary basis.


Although our Lake Hébert cottages already offer great quality accommodation, for 2014 we are again planning improvements such as a new kitchen in #23, new doors and windows for #22, screen doors, new porch and stairs for cottages #20 and #22, etc… Boarwalks, docks and other usual works will always be looked after for your safety and comfort.

In terms of fishery management, for the next two seasons we will stick to our actual 4-walleye within 14-20’’ limit and will still force the release of trophy fish, pending the results of studies that we will carry out during the fall of 2014 and 2015. Although we are witnessing an increase in the average size of fish and in the number of trophies released, together with the Government, we are now building a research protocol to: 1- verify and insure the health status of our walleye population at lake Charlotte and Hébert and; 2- once and for all conduct the necessary work to obtain the bathymetric maps of both lakes.

These actions will set the base for future wildlife management decisions and consolidate Air Tamarac’s position as a leader in walleye and northern pike population management.

“And so we are taking steps to ensure that lake Hébert will continue to offer the best walleye fishing quality in Québec for generations to come!”


For an new experience, rent our private lake for pike and walleye fishing ! Located on lake Hébert’s exclusive fishing rights territory, this 3-mile long lake offers top fishing quality and simply the best accomodations you can find on a fly-in trip. Just opened June 14, 2013, the fishing found there is spectacular. We know that this destination is a paradise to preserve and we offer it strictly under catch & release rules (you can eat fish on the spot), to assure you of the best fishing success, with unparalleled privacy.


We still have an excellent choice of dates for 2014. Don’t wait any longer and make it a priority to reserve your trip. Please remember to send in the required deposit of 200 $ per person or contact us to confirm your stay. At the sportshows we will book any cabin not guaranteed with a deposit. Contact us for priority bookings. Come and see us at one of these 2014 shows:

New York Sportsman’s Expo – NYS Fairgrounds, SYRACUSE
Booth #417-419
January 24-26

Montreal Outfitter Show – Palais des Congres, Montréal
Booth # 710-712
Jan 30 –Feb 2

Great American Outdoor Show – PA Farm Show Complex HARRISBURG
Fishing Hall #2612
February 1-9

Contact us on our toll free line at 1(877) 222-1298 or via email at and we will help you organize a memorable fishing trip. Also visit for more details and view the photos, the added videos and most recent changes. Follow us soon on Facebook !


Our current team will be back in 2014 and they join us in offering you our best wishes. We wish you a Happy Holiday season and a year filled with health, peace, love, happiness … and lots of fish!

Together with our team, Éliane Bédard and Jean Blanchard