Floatplane charter service

Air Tamarac’s floatplane charter service offers sight seeing tours as well as fishing trips. Air Tamarac owns and operates 3 floatplanes: two De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver registered C-FMMO and C-FMPT and a Cessna 180 registered C-FJNA.

Our floatplane charter and air taxi service runs under licence number 8718 which was issued by Transport Canada. Our floatplanes for taxi service are professionally maintained by a specialized maintenance shop nearby Montréal according to very high standards that exceed Transport Canada's floatplane services and regulation, therefore offering you the maximum safety and comfort. Our experienced pilots will make your experience most enjoyable.

The Beaver plane remains today the world's greatest bush plane. This Canadian-built plane is renowned as one of the ten greatest pieces of engineering of the last century. It can carry up to 6 passengers in good comfort but is most frequently used in our floatplane charter service for groups of four people with all their gear for one week. It can transport up to 1,200 pounds over more than 400 miles. The Beaver is our flagship and has Kenmore modifications for your safety and comfort.

The Cessna 180 is our fastest plane and is the ideal floatplane for light work. We also use this plane for groups of 2, but it is capable of carrying 3 passengers. With its modified wings and extended cabin, it can carry up to 600 pounds.