Dear sportsmen and friends, 

NEW FOR 2018

Proud of the quality of improvements made over the last 23 years, the work that has begun will continue so that all of our territories offer the same level of service that Air Tamarac has accustomed you to. For example, we have just acquired 8 Princecraft Yukon 15 boats and new mattresses for Lac de la Sauterelle and will also be carrying out several renovations of docks and boardwalks at Sauterelle, Gouin and Lac Hébert to complete what was started in 2017.

We are constantly improving and looking for new grounds so stay tuned on our Facebook page as we may very well announce a new pike, walleye and moose hunting private lake in a near future! 

Please note that, for the duration of your stay, Air Médic protection for emergency medical evacuation by helicopter remains included in our packages.  A big plus when booking with Air Tamarac!


Spring 2017 will be remembered, as one of the latest ice out we’ve ever experienced.  But unlike the year before, the situation did not slow down the harvest of larger walleyes and, at the end, the season was great at both Lake Hébert and Gouin Réservoir.  2017 was the second year of implementation of the 13-18,5 inches slot limit for walleye at Gouin Reservoir and we already reap the benefits! We have always encouraged this measure.  Air Tamarac is a leader and pioneer in the field, having imposed such a rule at Lake Hébert 15 years ago. 

Furthermore, our northern pike fishing experience towards the end of the season is back to where it belongs with many trophy pikes caught and released in late August and early September, especially on Gouin Reservoir.  Check out some great catches at or on the Air Tamarac Facebook page

In terms of projects and renovations, the season has been very busy with, among other things, the replacement of several docks, the addition of slow combustion wood stoves in all our cottages and new mattresses for each and every cabin on Lake Hébert; but also a crazy year with two major projects: the acquisition of Air Melançon in the spring and then the construction at the end of the season of a staff house in Clova. 

With excellent fishing quality, refurbished cabins, aluminum boats with new outboards, satellite phones at each camp   and a young, reliable and courteous team, Air Tamarac intends to remain a must for anglers and hunters.  Now with brook trout fishing and moose hunting, Air Tamarac has it all!


This program allow non-residents to get a 50% reimbursement  on the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is going to be directly credited off your invoice.



Air Tamarac, an outfitter out of Clova, Qc specialized in walleye and pike fishing announces that it has acquired Air Melançon from Ste-Anne-du-Lac.

Thus, Air Tamarac acquired a seaplane base in the Mont-Laurier region and takes control of Sauterelle Outfitter, a territory with exclusive hunting and fishing rights located only 35 minutes north of Ste- Anne-du-Lac as the crow flies. 

 Air Tamarac is therefore taking a turn in its services by adding brook trout fishing and moose hunting. Sauterelle Lake is 7 km long and is part of a chain of lakes with 3 chalets on the main lake and 2 others on isolated lakes. This territory of 60 km2 has been well preserved by the Melançon Family since 1957 and, faithful to its reputation, Air Tamarac intends to offer it to you in top condition.

 With this transaction Air Tamarac adds two more Beavers seaplanes to its existing fleet of 4 aircraft to ensure reliable and safe service at each base.

 The expansion of the activities allows Air Tamarac to become a must for avid outdoorsmen and to remain a leader in fishing and hunting in Quebec for several years to come; this achievement at Air Tamarac having been planned in concert with our next generation!

Bathymetric chart of lake Charlotte (once open, activate "SonarCharts" button on the lower left corner of your screen) is available for portable sonar and GPS at NAVIONICS+.The app also exists for smartphones and tablets under "Navionics-Boating U.S.&Canada" at the app store or Google Play store .  Make sure that your tablet is 3G capable for satellite reception.  The HD version is recommended for tablets.

Since May 2016 the 4 walleyes kept will have to be between 14,5 to 21 inches (37 to 53 cm); measurement is the whole lenght of the fish and not taken at the V in the tail.

From lake Hébert and also out of Gouin Reservoir, the walleyes kept must be transported whole or in fillets with the skin wholly intact which means that the fillets have to stay attached by the tail. This is to permit identification of the walleye species and to establish total length. For more info on the new regulation we invite you to visit our Government web site.

For trophy northern pike on small lakes close to our cabins around Gouin Reservoir.  For fly fishing -Oh! what a great sport!- (or even spin fishing), we will offer at no extra charge hike-to lakes through 20-minute trails leading to catch and release lakes for a unique new experience on waters never fished before 2016.  The 14" canoes we bought will offer a non-motorized activity that will satisfy the more adventurous.


Since March 2016 the regulation has been amended and the walleyes kept will now have to be within a slot of 32-47 centimeters (13-18,5 inches).  As a result there is also a new rule for transporting walleyes: they must be transported whole or in fillets with the skin wholly intact which means that the fillets have to stay attached by the tail. This is to permit identification of the walleye species and to establish total length. For more info on the new regulation we invite you to visit our Government web site;   

Proud of the renovations and the quality of the improvements already made to our chalets and equipment, we want to consolidate this work in 2017 by putting larger docks at several chalets, by replacing the aging wood stoves with slow burning stoves and by changing all mattresses, now at lac Hébert.

For the rest, it is normal maintenance on the program! Except that we will keep on testing the Enviro-loo composting toilet installed at lac Hébert # 26 in August 2016, with the aim of adopting such a system in the future.

We are constantly improving and looking for new products; new lakes, new fish species, or new moose hunting territories may very well be added to our offer soon. Stay tuned for announcements on our Facebook page!

Spring 2016 will go down in history as the latest ice out seen over 22 years in operation. Imagine! On May 25th there were still icebergs on Saraana Bay, while the season opened on May 20th... But rest assured: seasons are not all the same and our cottages, strategically located on Gouin, always allow for an early opening.

We believe that the quality of trophy pike fishing was affected by this late start, but not that of the walleye. You were several to mention that the pike trophies were discreet in 2016, but just as many to tell us that the walleye bit well and that they were by average bigger than usual.

But despite the persistent ice on Gouin, we kept promise and were able to build fish houses with running water for each of the chalets and we also changed all mattresses.

Another notable addition to our services in 2016 was the opening of small catch and release "canoe" lakes, for daily expedition and accessible by organized trails, at each of our sites on Gouin. Come and try them!

2016 was also the year of the implantation of the 13”-18,5” slot limit on walleye at Reservoir Gouin. We highly support this primary and important fishing rule. Air Tamarac, a leader and pioneer in the field, imposed such a rule on Lac Hébert more than ten years ago. And, year after year, our fishing quality improves. Several trophies are released each year; enjoy lots of happy pictures on our photo album and also on our Facebook page.

For a superior fishing experience in newly refurbished cabins with recent aluminum boats equipped with brand new motors every year, satellite phone at each camp site and a young, dynamic and personalized service, AIR TAMARAC remains more than ever a must for you  serious fishermen.